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Mistakes were made if you’re Nate ‘Kreo’ Lou. The professional Fortnite player represented Luminosity Gaming when a video published on YouTube claimed he had scammed a player for over $100.

The 17-minute video explains how Kreo had been contacted by a Fortnite player by the name of Noah who had asked the pro to win games on his account. In addition to agreeing to this, Kreo also said he would sell Noah an account with wins and hard to find cosmetic items from the games item shop.

Things wouldn’t go as planned, however, as after Noah had paid $100 for this “service,” Kreo would continue to update the password on the account which would prevent Noah from accessing it. Efforts were made by Noah to contact Kreo, but to no avail.

Kreo would then release a TwitLonger trying to explain the situation in which he claimed responsibility for what he deemed a miscommunication between his friend (the actual account owner), himself, and Noah. He did not, however, state he had actually sought to scam Noah.

After the spotlight had been switched on, Luminosity announced they would be “investigating thoroughly” and it seems the investigation has come to a close as a follow up has announced the immediate release of the player.

“We do not condone his behaviour, past or present and it is not consistent with what it means to be a professional gamer under our banner,” a post to the organizations Twitter stated, officially announcing the players release from Luminosity.

There is currently no confirmation as to whether Epic will also choose to provide a punishment for the player as well.

Long story short, don’t take what you have for granted and don’t scam people. A player who has made thousands upon thousands on the back of Fortnite and it’s popularity (from players like Noah) has now greatly damaged his ability to continue to thrive from its success.

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