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With the release of the v7.20 update for popular battle royale Fortnite, data miners have struck gold. One in particular, Lucas7yoshi has delivered and we’re here to share it with you.

Following any update, data miners seek out information buried within the files in the hopes of discovering the future.

This update certainly delivered as the haul includes some very neat new outfits which include Malcore, Tech Ops, Jaeger, Fyra, Cobalt, and the Ice Queen to name some of our personal favorites.

Included with the images below is the name of the outfit, the rarity, and the quote that goes along with all new skins.



Rarity: Epic
“Malevolent to the core”

Rarity: Uncommon
“Always on the forefront.”

Tech Ops
Rarity: Rare
“Overtake the battlefield”

Rarity: Epic
“Leading the hunt.”

Rarity: Epic
“Lives for the chase.”

Rarity: Epic
“Search and Destroy”

The Ice Queen
Rarity: Legendary
“Long live The Queen.”

Rarity: Uncommon
“First to the fare. First to the finish line.”

The new update included the addition of the Scoped Revolver and the reintroduction of the Glider Redeploy mechanic, this time in item form. For details on the new items and other changes found within v7.20, you can check out the full list of patch notes (there’s a lot) at the following link:

Fortnite v7.20 Adds Scoped Revolver, Glider Redeploy & More – Patch Notes

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