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Timothy “Bizzle” Miller as surpassed Jake “POACH” Brumleve as the highest earning player in Fortnite according to tracking website Esports Earnings. Ghost Gamings Fortnite star has brought home a total of $298,525 from the game while Team Liquids player holds strong at $277,975. The top five earners combined have made $1,213,925 since the game’s release just last year.

The top 20 players include the likes of FaZe Clans Tfue, Cloak, and NateHill, Team Liquids 72hrs, POACH, Chap and Vivid, Ghost’s Bizzle and Dmo, NRG’s Zayt and more.

While some players have achieved their top placements via a win in one of the Epic supported Skirmish events or PAX West, Bizzle has yet to take home first place. The Ghost Gaming star and highest earner has made it a habit to consistently place at the top of the leaderboard, almost never going home empty-handed. Morgausse’s $250,000 came in one lump sum from his first-place finish at the PAX West event that saw some of the worlds best travel to the West Coast for a shot at the massive prize pool.

Top 20 earners in Fortnite as of 10/1/2018:

1st Bizzle $298,525
2nd Poach $277,975
3rd Morgausse $250,000
4th 72hrs $195,575
5th Vivid $191,850
6th Chap $180,075
7th NateHill $167,825
8th Tfue $162,925
9th tendons $151,250
10th Zayt $142,850
11th Mitr0 $141,050
12th Teeqzy $136,833
13th IDropz_Bodies $130,000
14th Cloak $123,650
15th Kinstaar $122,159
16th Dmo $119,150
17th 7ssk7 $111,350
18th Reverse2k $109,650
19th TheVic $105,479
20th RazZzero0o $102,159
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