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This weekend will see thousands of gamers come together at Elmia Exhibition and Conference Centre in Jönköping, Sweden for DreamHack Summer where the largest digital festival in the world will get underway. The event’s LAN party is a big drawing point for the gamers – but with esports competitions on the cards too, we’re rather excited for the weekend’s festivities.

I got a chance to catch up with a massive star in the Twitch community who herself is heading to DH Summer, AnnieFuchsia, and asked her a few questions about Fortnite – one of the games which will feature at the event and one that she will be hosting on stage over the weekend. Annie is a variety game streamer on Twitch, playing mainly World of Warcraft but stretching out into story games such as Horizon: Zero Dawn, action RPG’s such as Dark Souls and basically anything that keeps her community watching. She is also the host of Wowhead Weekly, a show which explores everything new in Azeroth.

Q: Hi Annie. First of all, thank you for taking the time to do this. Please could you just introduce yourself for the people that don’t know who you are.

Annie: I’m AnnieFuchsia, a full-time streamer on Twitch 🙂 I play games of all sorts, and recently started playing Fortnite too.

Q: Awesome. Let’s get straight into the Fortnite side of things. When did you first play Fortnite?

Annie: I started playing Fortnite back in February!

Q: What made you enjoy the game over other Battle Royale games?

Annie: The fast pace, arcade style made me fall for it much harder than any other BR games haha. The game is smooth, and there is always action!

Q: On that note, how do you think the competitive scene of Fortnite matches up to that of PUBG and H1Z1?

Annie: I believe Fortnite has huge potential in the competitive scene! The building adds an additional element of skill, which makes it so much more interesting to watch pros play.

Q: What do you think made Fortnite such a massive overnight success?

Annie: Free game, and also available on consoles. A lot of children these days don’t have gaming PCs, but most of them own a console. I know this from my 16-yr-old non-gamer sister, as she knows many boys in her class that play Fortnite on XBOX.

Q: Do you think that the game’s multi-platform nature has helped it a lot in bringing in players from all walks of life?

Annie: Yes, definitely! As mentioned earlier, a huge portion of children would probably never play if it wasn’t for the availability on consoles.

Q: Do you think that that is what has kept the game moving forward? What other aspects have kept the game going forward for both casual and pro players?

Annie: It’s a fun game that you can jump into at any time. You play with a friend, who ends up playing with their other friends too. On all social medias we see amazing plays by pros, which makes every casual gamer even more hyped to play it.

Q: So, you’re co-hosting a Fortnite tournament at DH Summer (congratulations again on that). Are you nervous about it? Is there anything that you’re doing to prepare for it?

Annie: I am a little nervous! I have never hosted on a real stage before. To prepare for it, I’m playing more Fortnite! Haha.

Q: Do you think these kinds of tournaments are good for Fortnite? Or would the game’s pro scene benefit more from a league, like League of Legends or Dota 2?

Annie: Yes I think these tournaments are great, since the game is so insanely popular I think it’s great to include everyone. The pros make up a very small portion of the player base, and while the game is still in super hype, I think it’s smart to have the tourneys include influencers and casual gamers to increase the interest in the game further.

Q: Let’s get off the serious questions for a bit. What’s your own personal favourite aspect of Fortnite?

Annie: It’s a fun game that’s easy to jump straight into. It’s also the first shooter game that I actually enjoy!

Q: I’ve heard that the community in Fortnite is actually quite friendly for the most part. With that said, do you prefer solo play or squad play in these kinds of games?

Annie: I prefer solo if I wanna learn to get better, and squad to have more fun with friends.

Q: Do you have a favourite weapon and style of play? Or do you just kind of roll-with-the-punches and go from there?

Annie: I love building + shotgun fights, but I’m also a huge fan of trying to snipe someone with my Bolt-Action!

Q: Is there anything that you think is too over-powered in the game?

Annie: I’m not a huge fan of RPGs, but I don’t think they’re super over-powered at the same time. I think Fortnite has done well to balance the weapons.

Q: Would the game benefit from the addition of vehicles (not the shopping cart) or do you think the lack of cars/bikes is what makes it much better than its competitors?

Annie: I like the lack of vehicles, it keeps the map small. If they added vehicles I think they would need to increase map size, which in turn can lead to a lot of walking simulator situations if you can’t find a vehicle (that’s how it felt in PUBG for example).

Q: Everyone was insanely impressed with Ninja when he streamed Fortnite with Drake, being in esports that was massive for the world’s knowledge of gaming. So, if you could stream with any celebrity (other than me of course), who would you pick and why?

Annie: Haha! I would probably pick Pewdiepie. He’s a really funny guy, I love his videos and I think playing duos with him would be an amazingly fun experience.

Q: I think that’s about it from my side. But do you have any shout-outs you’d like to make?

Annie: AFOC (AnnieFuchsiaOfflineChat), my best people on Twitch! They keep my chat active at all times, even when I’m not streaming, and always support me no matter what <2

Thank you so much for your time in this once again, Annie. I’m looking forward to your hosting experience and hopefully we’ll be able to catch it on Twitch.

DreamHack Summer kicks off tomorrow, June 16th and with games such as Fortnite, PUBG, CS:GO, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and many more on the cards, it is sure to be an amazing weekend for everyone attending.

If you’d like to check out Annie’s Twitch  streams or any of her social media sites, here are the links.


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