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Fortnite Reveals $500,000 Secret Skirmish

Epic Games has announced the next event for their popular battle royale Fortnite. The event will offer up $500,000 in

Fyra & Jaeger Make Their Fortnite Item Shop Debut - January 17-18

"Party like it's the Paleolithic period" - Fortnite Twitter. Today’s featured items section includes the brand new Fyra and Jaeger outfits (Epic/Epic)

Cheat Sheat: Fortnite Season 7 Week 7

(Photo: thesquatingdog) The Season 7 Week 7 challenges have been released for Fortnite and Twitter user @thesquatingdog has once again provided fans of

Official Fortnite Season 7 Week 7 Challenges

After the Season 7 Week 7 challenges were leaked, they've officially been released! Epic has released them on schedule so

Fate Returns to Fortnite Item Shop - January 16 to 17

Today’s featured items section includes the Fate and Verge outfits (Legendary/Uncommon) along with the Fated Frame and Clean Cut pickaxes

Modern Mercenary Gear Debuts in Fortnite Item Shop - January 15 to 16

"An elite specialist." - Fortnite Twitter in regards to today's Fortnite Item Shop. Today’s featured items section includes the Abstrakt and Verge

LEAKED: New Fortnite Outfits Found in v7.20 Files

With the release of the v7.20 update for popular battle royale Fortnite, data miners have struck gold. One in particular,

Fortnite v7.20 Adds Scoped Revolver, Glider Redeploy & More - Patch Notes

It's finally here. Fortnite v7.20 has gone live and brings with it a handful of new items and changes as

Arcane Arts Headline Fortnite Item Shop - January 14 to 15

Today’s Fortnite Item Shop is getting a little magical. Today’s featured items section includes the Raptor, Castor, and Elmira outfits (Legendary/Epic/Epic)

Viral Orange Shirt Kid's Mom Sues Fortnite Over "Orange Justice" Emote

(Photo: Smokin Rebs YouTube video below) Another suit has been filed against Epic Games. Rachel McCumbers, mother of "the Orange Shirt

Fortnite Bringing Back Glider Redeploy

One of the most controversial aspects of the game is making a return. Glider redeploy is coming back, however, it's

Sensitivty Big Target of Upcoming Fortnite v7.20 Patch

Community Coordinator for at Epic Games, Sean Hamilton has given the community insight into what is scheduled to come as