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Playoffs kicked off today at the ONE Esports Dota 2 Southeast Asia League, with upper bracket semi-final action between Fnatic, Neon Esports, Geek Fam and TNC Predator as the teams fought for a guaranteed top three finish.

Opening things up in the upper bracket semi-finals would be Neon Esports taking on Fnatic, in what would be an epic best-of-three series. When the two teams met in the group stage, Neon were the only team that were able to outright beat Fnatic as they claimed a magnificent 2-0 win and the first game of the series looked to go the same way. Neon were dominant, pummelling their opponents into submission in only half an hour and taking the series lead. The next game in the series lasted nearly a full hour, with both teams battling back-and-forth but Fnatic managing to always maintain the net worth lead and eventually tied up the series.

Game three was another back-and-forth brawl between the two squads, with neither team wanting to give up their upper bracket spot. Some fancy footwork from Djardel ‘DJ’ Mampusti and brilliant team fight potential from Fnatic is what ended up securing both the game and series, as well as pushing them into the upper bracket final. For Neon, they will now have to fight through the lower bracket if they want a shot at revenge on Fnatic.

For the second series of the day, we would see a magnificent SEA clash between TNC Predator and Geek Fam. After the two teams played to a 1-1 draw in the group stages, this series was set to separate them from one another, pushing the loser into the lower bracket. TNC seemed to be the clear winners in the early and mid-game period, dominating the net worth charts and having the entire map under their control until near 40-minutes when GF seemed to finally find their footing and destroy TNC’s lineup multiple times over. Even so, with the game pushing over the one hour mark, TNC were relentless and managed to find their opportunity, amidst multiple mistakes, to take back their lead and the game.

While things were shaky in the first game, TNC solidified perfectly in the next, managing to utilise their lineup to near perfection, chain stunning and ripping through Geek Fam. Although GF were able to make a very brief window for themselves to have a comeback, it was shutdown by the creeps in their base and TNC at the same time as they marched to a fantastic 2-0 victory. With that, GF drop into the lower bracket, while TNC will secure themselves an upper bracket final spot against Fnatic.

The action from ONE Esports Dota 2 SEA League is over for today, but returns tomorrow with lower bracket elimination action starting with BOOM Esports versus Team Adroit and culminating in T1 versus New Esports.

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