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The punches keep rolling against popular broadcast platform Twitch. The company has come under fire once again for a stream from the official Food channel of Twitch.

The channel partnered with PRØHBTD a cannabis enthusiast organization and the content they’ve provided has drawn some scrutiny from the public following a reason segment.

During this live stream, two women begin to roll a joint. Rather than using a table to keep things in order, one of the women uses the others back and butt. Yes, Twitch broadcasted a woman rolling a joint on the butt of another girl on one of their official channels.

This comes on the back of (pun intended) uproar around a Twitch streamer being live during a domestic abuse incident being able to return to streaming. His channel has since been removed.

Another incident involved a streamer accidentally going topless on-air thinking she had gone offline. Many members of the community began to question the length of the ban at only 3 days while others felt is warranted as it was seemingly just a mistake.

In turn, Twitch has offered an opportunity for community members to share their feedback via Twitter.

One recurring theme when sifting through the responses is the fact that this stream, in particular, held the tag “family friendly” which most would agree is not exactly fitting and could lead to a much younger audience being able to view it.

Twitch has remained mostly silent about the recent incidents but should this become the norm, the roar of the crowd and clashing of pitchforks will only get louder.

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