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A first for FaZe Clan, deaf competitive Fortnite streamer Ewok has joined the organization. This marks the first time that a female has been signed as an official member of the organization.

The announcement was made a few hours after the duos portion of the Fortnite World Cup finals where many members of FaZe Clan including members of the executive team are in attendance along with Ewok.

In a tweet revealing the new member, FaZe Banks stated “Welcome to FaZe, you’re incredible, you inspire me. First girl ever in FaZe,” he said. “I’m glad we held out this long. You’re perfect @EwokIts”

The 13-year-old made a post of her own where she uses American Sign Language to make the reveal. She followed that post up with another from Time Square where she posed with a FaZe Clan jersey stating “ready for the next chapter.”

Ewok was in New York as a competitor in the Celebrity Pro-Am where she played alongside Jordan Fisher. She and singer, dancer, actor took 25th place and earned $20,000 towards the charity of their choice.

Although already a large streamer with around 200,000 followers on Twitch, those numbers are sure to skyrocket following this announcement and the increased reach she’s gained by joining one of the largest esports organizations in the world.

Congrats Ewok!

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