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Dota Underlords recently released a update which had two major changes, or introductions to the game: The Ace tier and contraptions. Now, what are Ace tier heroes and contraptions?

Ace tier heroes: All tier 5 units are now Ace tier heroes that provide an additional effect when at least one level of its alliance is activated.

Contraptions: Contraptions are new items in the game that, instead of giving a hero, are to be placed on the board like any other unit. Their position can be moved just like units.

Ace tier heroes and effects

Ace for Warlock alliance: Disruptor
Warlock Ace effect: The effect of the Warlock Alliance is now applied to 2 units in addition to the warlock itself, rather than one unit.

Ace for Shaman alliance: Enigma
Shaman Ace effect: Extends the effects of the Shaman Alliance to your entire army.

Ace for Deadeye alliance: Gyrocopter
Deadeye Ace effect: Grants Deadeye units True Strike. Units with True Strike cannot miss.

Ace for Mage alliance: Lich
Mage Ace effect: Your army’s mana generation from attacks is increased 10% per Mage Alliance level.

Ace for Scaled alliance: Medusa
Scaled Ace effect: Grants Scaled units Retaliate. When a unit with Retaliate is attacked, they apply a 25 dmg/sec per Alliance level debuff to their attacker.

Ace for Inventor alliance: Techies
Inventor Ace effect: Grants Inventor units Chain Reaction. If an enemy dies as a result of Unstable Reactor, they explode just as if they had Unstable Reactor.

Ace for Troll alliance: Troll Warlord
Troll Ace effect: Grants your units Mini-Bash: While attacking, your team has a 5% chance per Troll Alliance level of stunning their target for 0.25 seconds.



  • Newly added Tier 2 Contraption.
  • Has 400 Health and 20 Armor.
  • Two placeable barriers to block enemies and ranged attacks. Immune to spells.

Target Buddy:

  • Newly added Tier 2 Contraption.
  • Has 1000 Health and 10 Armor.
  • Taunts enemies and draws fire. Can equip items.

Healing Ward:

  • Newly added Tier 3 Contraption.
  • Has 200 Health.
  • Heals friendly units within 1 cell for 20hp/s.


  • Newly added Tier 4 Contraption.
  • Has 2000 Health and 20 Armor.
  • Ally and enemy heroes spawn zombies when they die within 2 cells of the Tombstone.

Besides these new items, there were also a few changes made to the old alliances.

Alliance Changes

Shaman: Now requires 2 heroes to activate, down from 3 heroes to activate.

  • Units now have a 10% chance of being turned into a chicken when attacking a Shaman, down from 17%.

Assassin: Now gives bonuses at 3/6 heroes, down from 3/6/9 heroes.

  • Assassin Level 1 (3 heroes): 300% crit damage chance increased to 15%, up from 10%.
  • Assassin Level 2 (6 heroes): 400% crit damage chance increased to 25%, up from 20%.

Elusive: Now gives bonuses at 3/6 heroes, down from 3/6/9 heroes.

  • Elusive Level 1 (3 heroes): Evasion increased to 25%, up from 20%.
  • Elusive Level 2 (6 heroes): Evasion increased to 50%, up from 45%.

Warrior: Now gives bonuses at 3/6 heroes, down from 3/6/9 heroes.

  • Warrior Level 1 (3 heroes): no changes (Armor bonus is +10).
  • Warrior Level 2 (6 heroes): Armor increased to +20, up from +15.

The last big change coming to Underlords from the latest patch is the odds of getting a certain tier unit. The new odds can be seen in the image below, which was released by Valve in their original statement.

Hero odds (image taken from Valve)
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