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In a stunning announcement, Kotaku has made a post regarding the ending of its partnership with Deadspin that created the esports division titled “Compete.” Compete had faced scrutiny from a large portion of esports fans for its more often than not controversy seeking articles. Many prominent members of the esports community spoke out about the publications desire to create unrest and post articles that were to most unfair and not properly researched.

The sub-division of the gaming site will shut down next week, however, Kotaku has stated that esports coverage will live on. Several members of the staff will be moving on and are actively seeking positions at other companies. Maddy Myers will be staying on as an editor at Kotaku while Dennis Young and Eric Van Allen have accepted buyouts and will be out.

Full announcement from Dennis Young:

“Here’s our most heated gaming moment yet: Compete in its current iteration is shutting down next week. Esports coverage at the company will live on at Kotaku, but this joint project that Deadspin and Kotaku started in March 2017 to cover competitive gaming is ending.

It was a joy to bring this weird little corner of the sports and gaming worlds to our readers. We’d particularly like to thank our peers in the esports media and 11 Deadspin commenters, who both equally appreciated our decision to cover esports like sports. Esports is a rich topic worthy of skeptical, thorough, and fun journalism, and we’re grateful that a vertical premised on that was able to attract a large and growing readership. This also would not have been possible without enthusiastic writing and editing contributions from Kotaku and Deadspin staffers, and a dedicated and patient crew of freelance writers.

Eric and I are accepting buyouts and leaving the company—please hire us—while Maddy will remain as an editor at Kotaku. We’re proud of the work we did, and while this part of it is over, we believe readers will have a chance to see it continue at this company and elsewhere.”

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