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In any game, be it Autochess, Dota 2 or CS:GO, something that helps gamers improve, other than practice, is information on what works and what doesn’t in the current meta. In a lot of games, that information is best portryaed through numbers and Autochess is no different. Knowing what heroes are doing well, what are their winrates and which ones are being used by the best players can make a huge difference to players trying to climb up the rank ladder; and that is just what Varena provides!

Just like Dota 2 has Dotabuff or DatDota, Autochess is blessed to have Varena, a website or tool that provides stats about every player playing Dota Autochess. Let’s navigate the site a bit and see what all it has to offer.

(1) Login

You start your journey on Varena by logging in with your Steam ID. That is the case if you want stats on your own gameplay. If not, the other tabs can be accessed without a Steam ID.

Varena Steam ID information

(2) Main Profile Screen

The profile screen for any player will look like what is shown in the image below. For any player, you can see the total games played, average rank, games won, in how many games he/she was top 3 and a win rate. The best part about this is, this does not have to be just your profile. It can be observed for all friends on Steam who play Autochess as well the leaders of the game. The ‘Leaderboard’ tab on top gives access to the top players in the game and by clicking on any of their profiles, these same stats as well as the heroes they favor can be looked at.

Profile main screen

(3) Recent Matches

The recent matches of a player can be seen on the main profile page as well, below the stats. It shows the rank in game (position he/she finished in), overall rank (ladder rank) of the player at the end of the game, the heroes used as well as the synergies that formulated in the team. The information is quite detailed and again, it can be availed for the leaders so you can go and see what the top players are doing right!

Recent games

(4) Meta and Trends

The meta and trends sections gives an idea of what heroes are doing well in which rank. The ‘Trends’ section does not have division based on ranks, but the ‘Meta’ section does.

Autochess meta

Autochess trends

(5) Autochess News

The news section from Varena redirects the user to VPEsports, where we cover detailed news about every patch, test patch and the potential implicaitons of what certain changes can have on the game.

Autochess news

Varena is a one of kind tool that helps Autochess players reflect on their previous games and get better by analyzing what has been working and what hasn’t. If you haven’t tried it yet, hop on over to and see how you have been faring in this great game called Dota Autochess!

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