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Photo: Team Secret

Following the announcement that Team Secret had selected former Chairman and CEO of UBS Investment Bank John Costas as Vice Chairman, Strategy & Finance, VPEsports has the chance to ask the organizations Director of Media George Yao about their approach to Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Team Secret recently chose to add to it’s already successful Fortnite division. The teams only duo prior to this was located in Europe while on March 13 they decided to cross the pond and pick up two new players from North America. Yao expressed that “For Fortnite, global LANs such as ESL Katowice are just starting, but many of the online events are being held on regional servers.”

Being able to have Team Secret represented and competing for each opportunity is an important part of this decision according to Yao. “For a Global organization like Team Secret, it makes sense to have players in EU and NA so we can play in the majority of events – World Cup for Fortnite is also regional until we get to the final stages,” he continued.

Fortnite isn’t the only game they may be fielding separate squads for either. “We are also considering teams in other games that will also be NA based, such as Apex Legends, as part of our global expansion plans this year.”

This took us into a look at how they’ve approached recruiting an Apex Legends team. With the initial success of Respawn Entertainment’s battle royale, Team Secret have chosen to hold open tryouts, an almost unheard of act in the world of esports. They had hundreds of teams sign up, trying to earn a coveted place in the organization.

When asked why they chose to go this route, Yao had an interesting and yet pretty obvious response. They want to be represented by the best.

For Apex, too many organizations do recruiting by just receiving applications through a Google form or looking at social media numbers. We simply want the best team, so having open tryouts where anyone can sign up was the logical choice for us,” he explained.

Just how good of a team could this system turn out? Well..apparently better than what we’ve seen so far. Yao shared that, “out of the top 8 teams that we selected for the final round of due diligence, all of them would have won the Twitch Rivals competition for Apex Legends using the Twitch scoring criteria. This speaks volumes about the skill level of many under-the-radar players and teams that are really good, but yet relatively unknown.

To sum things up, Yao says the organization has one goal.

Team Secret wants to represent those players and give them a chance on the global stage.”

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