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In January 2018, Khoo ‘Ohaiyo’ Chong Xin was in the Dota 2 headlines, but not for the reason he would have wanted. Suddenly asked to leave by Fnatic after over two years with the organization, Ohaiyo found refuge in another team undergoing a lot of changes due to drama – LGD.Forever Young (LFY). It has been a slow start for the new LFY team, narrowly missing out on the qualifications for DAC 2018 and Dreamleague Season 9. But with the direct invite to the PGL Bucharest Major, Ohaiyo’s new team has a chance to shine and amaze crowds with the type of Dota they played at TI 7.  VPEsports had the chance to have some questions answered by the offlaner. Here is what Ohaiyo had to say:

 Hello Ohaiyo. This is the first major of the season, not just for you but for LFY as well. How are you guys feeling? Excited, nervous?

I’m just really happy to be here because I haven’t played in any international tournaments for a while.  It’s a pity we didn’t get to practice a lot recently though, due to the Chinese New Year.


It’s been about a month and a half since your moved to LFY. For the good part of the past three years, you’ve played with Team Malaysia/Fnatic in SEA. Is there a big difference in the SEA and China pubs? What about playing in Chinese qualifiers?

I really enjoy Chinese pubs. Everyone is playing professionally by counter picking the heroes on the opposing team. in SEA pubs, people tend to play more selfishly. Qualifiers are also more competitive here!


How does this meta feel to you? Do you like it and what would you change?

Not a lot of things. Naga Siren’s Song into Meteor Hammer combo is broken and that needs to be fixed. I also think the offlane heroes need to be buffed a bit.

And the bi-weekly patch system. Is that a good initiative?

I haven’t had a lot of experience of the bi-weekly system till now, but it sounds good. It makes the game more challenging and I’m excited to find out which of the top tier teams can easily adapt to a new meta every two weeks and develop new strategies!

There have been mixed feelings about the DPC system. Some players think it is good while some don’t. What is your opinion? Should the points for a Major be distributed amongst more than four teams?

I don’t see the problem in that. After all, the points system is supposed to recognize the top tier teams and the rest just have to play the qualifiers, because they aren’t good enough!

Where does the name ‘Ohaiyo’ come from? Is there a story behind it?

It was a ringtone I used when I was a child! *Laughs*

You guys haven’t played a lot on LAN this season. Would you think that would work as an advantage for you at the Bucharest Major, considering teams probably haven’t studied your play style?

Nowadays, any team that plays professionally takes every game seriously, which is the reason why I wouldn’t consider this an advantage. If you want to win, you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of all teams and I’m sure the other teams will have studied our game.

Let’s talk about the controversial issue at hand..your termination from Fnatic. You mentioned in your post you were celebrating qualifying for Katowice and the news was suddenly dropped on you. Were you not given any hint of it at all? What was the reason the management gave you for the termination? After all, Fnatic seemed to be doing well, coming in second place at The Summit and following it up with a Major qualification.

That is correct, I had no clue about it. I was informed only after the Katowice Major SEA qualifier. None of my teammates or the manager had spoken with me about it nor were there any signs. The reason I was given by Fnatic was that the other players thought we had an inside communication problem.

Do you believe it was Eternal Envy’s influence that made all this happen or was it something that came from the entire team?

I think it was a big decision and a decision like this is made only when it comes from the entire team. But it isn’t wrong saying Eternal Envy was behind this… after all, he is the captain and makes all the calls.

Now that you are with LFY, it’s a fresh start. What are the teams short term and long term goals?

The goal, for now, is to improve the team synergy. Being the new person on the team, I feel like I haven’t really adapted to the LFY’s play style. There are a few communication issues as well. I think this team will achieve great things if we get these problems fixed!

What is necessary to bring back the LFY everyone saw at TI 7?

I think we have everything necessary to take LFY back to the top again. I’m probably the weakest link right now. I need to work harder on adjusting to this team and improve as quickly as possible. Once that is done, we will see where we are headed.

 Any shoutouts?

We want to thank everyone for supporting us, we’ll try our hardest to bring back the LFY you saw at TI7!

With half the season nearly over, it is high time LFY pick up their game with the new roster. Ohaiyo will be in action with his new team at 10 am EET against, of all teams possible, Team Liquid! LFY vs Liquid will be the first game of the Bucharest Major, which has a Swiss Format for the groups stages. If LFY can bring back a part of the game they displayed in Seattle a few months ago, you can never say what can happen, especially in a best of one!

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