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Tyler “Ninja” Blevins didn’t hold back much in a heated game of VALORANT, but it wasn’t his opponents that set the Twitch star and competitive gamer off. During a ranked game of VALORANT, Ninja’s team was off to an 0-6 start when the Twitch streamer had clearly had enough of whatever “P0L0” was typing in chat.

Unfortunately for fans, Ninja’s facecam blocked the chat and the exact message that began all that followed is unknown.

Kicking things off with a “P0L0 shut up, stop f***ing talking to the enemy team,” Ninja’s comment brought about a response from the team’s Reyna. “It’s a f***ing ranked match. I don’t give a f*** what your net worth is, I don’t give a f*** who you are, you’re not gonna tell somebody to shut the f*** up.”

Ninja kicked it up a notch and responded by telling them to “shut the f*** up and stop playing this game because you are f***ing awful at it.”

Having mentioned that Ninja was talking to a 17-year-old, Ninja responded by simply stating he didn’t care how old the player was.

This was followed by Blevins explaining his disdain for comments along the lines of “it’s only ranked.”

“So how’s your pro team doing then? Oh so you don’t care about ranked, so you don’t care about professionally competing so what do you care about? What do you care about bro? Do you take anything serious?” Ninja went on.

While some may have backed off after a cooldown and changed the tune ever so slightly, Ninja stood by what he said in the post game. “You guys know how I stand when it comes to matchmaking games, or any game. If you’re playing a competitive game or ranked game, anything that has some sort of ranking system and your excuse at any point is relaxed it’s just ranked, you’re just a piece of sh**.”

This whole sequence of events has been making its rounds across the internet as people both defend and attack Ninja’s handling of the situation while others simply say this is typical gaming.

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