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Hi VPEsports users,

UPDATE: Hold please…..

This is Bing from VPEsports, the founder of VPEsports. Many of you may know from the naming that VPEsports was designed and developed under VPGame when I was there. After I left, VPGame was still supporting and funding the project. Unfortunately, with all kinds of struggling since last year, VPGame is not able to support VPEsports any more.

Losing major funding source means we cannot pay our incredible editor team. Although VPEsports has (or had) a significant amount of traffic, we never reach the stage like Dexerto is that the site can live on Ads. With all kinds of COVID-19 madness, having a stable job is the most important thing so we have to let everyone go. I want to thank to everyone who joined us in the past 3 years. I probably did the least amount of work here as an engineer so thank you so much for bringing VPEsports to be this level.

I also want to say thank you to all the VPEsports users and followers. Without your support VPEsports could not have lived for this long. I hope you could still follow our editors in the future:

Moving forward, I will probably keep the site as a side project for a while and probably make it an indexing website for esports medias. Also as a software engineer, I’m thinking making VPEsports an open platform so any esports lover can just use the brand and the site. Not sure how that would work tho.

It’s a pretty sad day so I’m going to end here.

GG & GLHF next!

PS. If any one is interested in the brand and/or the team, feel free to reach out! As long you can maintain the editorial team, everything VPEsports has is yours 🙂

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