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Head coach of eUnited’s Counter-Strike division Jared “osorandom” Hartman has been removed from his post effective immediately. The move comes following the news that the 31-one-year-old father and husband had sent unsolicited nude photos Sophie “Queeny” Liddell.

The incident took place six months ago, but Liddell had asked eUnited to keep the event in secret. “I did contact eU, this was the first org I’d reported to and I had personally asked not to make such a huge deal about it,” she stated in a tweet on the subject.

She goes on to admit that she now sees that was a fault on her behalf but she does not wish to “tarnish or ruin the reputation of eUnited.”

Liddell went on to explain that over the six months since the interaction occurred she realized that things such as this should not be swept under the rug and that Hartman, along with anyone else should be held accountable for such action.

Once the tweets were made public, eUnited made the announcement of Hartman’s release public. Hartman’s Twitter has since been set to private.

She went on to speak out on the difficulty women face when coming forward with issues such as this due to the social stigmas surrounding it.

This is not a new topic nor one related specifically to gaming or esports. Many people have shared similar experiences and reinforced the mindset that reporting has many repercussions for one who has already been made a victim.

eUnited has yet to make another statement regarding the incident.

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