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By Anand ‘Warhog’ Tapadia
Special to VPEsports

TNC traveled to India to compete in ESL One Mumbai, where they ended up getting fourth place. Their mid laner, Armel ‘Armel’ Paul Tabios spoke with VPEsports after their loss (and before the grand finals) about what went wrong against Keen Gaming and also about a few other things in the world of Dota 2.

Hello Armel! How has Mumbai been? Do you like it?

Yes, it is very good. It is similar to living in the Philippines.

Now that you’re done with the tournament, are planning on doing any sightseeing?

Not really. We just want to get rest and prepare for the qualifiers of the last Major of the season.

Sounds fair. Let’s come to the Dota that was played here in Mumbai. What went wrong against Keen Gaming? The two games were pretty even till a point, especially the first one…

We knew Keen Gaming were the favorites but also that we could beat them. With the drafts that we had, the expectation was to win at least two lanes but we ended up losing all three lanes. That, I feel, was the main problem.

The expectation was to win at least two lanes but we ended up losing all three lanes

The group stages were also a bit shaky. You lost to Team Team and Na’Vi..what happened there?

In those games, we didn’t really know what the playstyles of the two teams were and didn’t know what to do against them.

Who do you think will win and with what score?

They’re both good, but Keen Gaming will win 3-1.

Coming to the current meta, what do you think about it? Do you like it?

This meta is about open heroes. It all depends on your playstyle.

What about the new hero Mars? Do you play that in pubs?

I always ban Mars. It’s a stupid hero.

Mars is a stupid hero.

Do you like mid or is there any other roles you like to play, especially in pubs?

Yes, mid is my favorite and I believe my best role. I’ve been playing mid for three years now and understand the mechanics of the mid lane quite well.

You played against the Indian team Signify in the group stages. What advice would you have for them? Individually, they are quite skilled…

I think they need guidance from someone with more experience. A good captain, someone who can lead them, will make a big difference.

What do you like to do when you are not playing Dota?

I just like to watch movies!

Any shoutouts?

Not really.

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