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Photo: Beyond The Summit

By Anand ‘Warhog’ Tapadia
Special to VPEsports

VPESports caught up with Jacky ‘EternalEnvy’ Mao during his trip to India for ESL One Mumbai and spoke about the meta, Mars and comparison of Sotheast Asia and North America from a Dota 2 perspective.

Hello EternalEnvy! How’s it going? Are you liking India?

India seems great..I mean the hotel is great!

Is it your first time here?

Yeah it is.

How does the current meta feel to you? Do you like it or would you like to see a few changes?

I honestly don’t care a lot. The reason I do like it a bit is that for the last few metas, the carry role has been getting destroyed and the mid role has been the one that shines. Same with the position 4 role. In this meta, the carry actually has a chance to shine, which is nice being a carry player. But generally speaking, I don’t really care what the meta is.

In this meta, the carry actually has a chance to shine

What about Mars? What are your thoughts on the new hero?

I hate that hero. I haven’t played a single game on Mars. That hero is way too overpowered right now.

That seems to be what everyone else thinks as well! What do you think about this years DPC system? Is the five Majors and Minors system better than last year?

I think the qualifiers for a Major being right after the previous Major is wrong, but I don’t know what they can do about it.

Qualifiers for a Major being right after the previous Major is wrong

Lot of teams backed out from ESL One Mumbai which gave Team Team a chance to come here. Is this like a practice lan for you guys before you head to the MDL Disneyland® Paris Major?

No, this is a very serious lan for us.

Who do you think are the favorites to take the trophy here at ESL One Mumbai?

We thought it would be Keen Gaming, but they have shown that they can be beaten. It’ll either be them or Mineski.

You plied your trade in SEA last year with Fnatic and now you are back to NA. What is the major difference that you experience in the two regions?

I think NA players have a higher Dota IQ, but the way they play is worse. Also there are way less players in NA. I don’t like NA pubs, they are a lot of cancer. People in the NA pubs don’t speak English. Most of the players speak Spanish because they are from South America. NA server is mostly SA players. There is no NA server!

Most of the players speak Spanish because they are from South America

Any thoughts one whether SEA deserves three Major spots instead of NA? That’s been a topic of discussion lately…

I don’t think they deserve it right now, may be next time. Evil Geniuses usually places higher than Fnatic, except for the last Major. The second NA team usually finishes above the second SEA team. So I can see why Valve made these decisions. To be honest, I don’t think either of those regions deserve three slots. There should be another slot added to the Minor; the winner and the runner-up of the Minor should make it to the Major.

There should be another slot added to the Minor

You’re one of the few captains that plays in a core role. Is that more difficult to do than doing it playing as a support?

Well, at Team Team we don’t really have one captain as such. Before, the smartest player position 5 because everyone else was just too stupid to make calls. But now it doesn’t necessarily work that way, there is no way your cores don’t talk anymore.

What do you like to do outside of Dota 2 and anime? I know you like watching anime…

I chill with my girlfriend, I like watching speed runs…

Which is your favorite speed run game?

Super Metroid. And then there’s anime. I don’t do too many other things!

Any shoutouts?

Shoutout to my team, girlfriend and fans.

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