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The Grand Finals of the Kuala Lumpur Major were at our doorstep with the top 2 teams at the event going head-to-head as they battled to claim the spoils and Team Secret had fought their way through each and every enemy that came their way and while VP had a plethora of Major titles under their belt, Secret were looking like a team that were ready to take every tournament, especially after their performance at ESL One Hamburg 2018. But it would not be easy and a best-of-five series would decide the title victors.

The first game was already set for some amazing plays when Yeik ‘MidOne’ Nai Zheng locked in a Shadow Shaman for his mid lane choice. But VP were the ones who pulled out ahead, dominating Secret’s lineup at every turn and never allowing the core Shaman to get any control. It did not take much more than 30 minutes for VP to punish the ‘cheese’ pick as they ripped through Secret’s base and heroes and leave them without any options but to call GG.

Secret came into the second game ready to fight and took the early game straight to VP. Yazied ‘YapzOr’ Jaradat’s Weaver was making moves into every lane and destroying his opponents before they were able to get semblance of farm. While VP took some absolutely amazing team-fights, Secret were just too strong for them and even though it took nearly an hour, Secret tied the series.

Team Secret seemed to be in their stride going into the next game as they managed to have an answer for every thing that threw at them. It didn’t take too long for Secret to secure a 2-1 lead in the series.

With match point in their hands, Secret opened up the game looking like they were ready to take the victory, but VP had other plans. Not even Michal ‘Nisha’ Jankowski’s Morphling stood a chance once VP took control of the map and we were headed to a 5th game.

The game to decide the champion of the Kuala Lumpur Major was bound to be full of action and near 20 minutes was when YapzOr delivered with an Echo Slam which opened the game up for Secret.

But VP recovered from that moment and found their own openings which secured them a mid-lane barracks only a few minutes later. Secret were being trapped int their base by VP and things looked dire for them as time went by. With 42 minutes passed VP claimed mega creeps and emphatically claimed victory just a few moments later.

The concludes the first Major of the 2018/19 Dota 2 Pro Circuit Season as take the victory, taking home $350,000 as well as 4950 DPC points. Team Secret take an admirable 2nd place, claiming $170,000 and 3,000 DPC Points. We now look towards the next Minor which takes place in January 2019, but there is still the qualifying to come our way beforehand.

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