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Chen Qing, Vici Gaming co-owner, decided to go live on stream after Lu “Maybe” Yao shared his knowledge on the messy roster announcement of Elephant.4AM and gave his inside perspective, making public all that he knows regarding Zhang “Eurus/ Paparazi灬” Chengjun transfer from VG.

As one of the club owners in China known to be rather attached to his players and very considerate when it comes down to their career and future prospects, Chen Qing had a pretty emotional streaming session, mentioning that he kept silent because he didn’t want to make the whole situation even worse for his player. “I’ve been putting up with all this until now, because I was afraid it might be bad for Eurus. Today, I just can’t do this anymore,“ he stated.

VG’s minor stakeholder pointed out that the root of the problem is with the partner of 4AM, Elephant, a company for which he didn’t have any good words to say. “Elephant just kept reneging on the deal all the time,” Chen Qing said, stressing on the fact that the ¥1,500,000 transfer fee “was a known fact for the circle before the New Year.” 

He gave a full picture of how and when the negotiations for both Yang Eurus started.

“This whole thing was quite dramatic. Long ago, they started to ask me about the next season. Last year, Yang told me that he wanted to play together with Maybe. At that time, I thought Team 4AM was alright. Yang asked me how long he should sign with them, I said two years.

Eurus extended his contract with us since the beginning of the season last year. He had a salary raise, but by contract, the condition was for him to stay for one year here, and the transaction fee for the second year was ¥1.5M. The contract was drafted by the lawyer. Every team who wanted to sign Eurus knew this.

In August, Eurus said that he wanted to join Maybe and Fy. When I went to the club, I asked Eurus which team he wanted to join. A lot of teams contacted him at the time–Team Aster, PSG.LGD, etc., and the highest “bidder” was not even 4AM. Since Eurus wanted to play together with Maybe, he showed the contract to 4AM at the very beginning.”

Eurus’ strong desire to play alongside Maybe and his complete honesty when talking to 4AM are exactly what dragged him in all this mess, explained Chen Qing, who accused Elephant of exploiting the player’s wishes.

 “If Eurus could go back in time, he would never join the team,” he said, mentioning the followings:

“Since the beginning of the transfer period, they have been exploiting players. At last, the ¥1.5M was not entirely offered by Elephant, and they once again exploited the players. Sylar didn’t even sign a contract. When the official announcement was made, I texted Sylar and told him that he’d better find a lawyer. I didn’t expect them to withdraw on the second day.

It’s the problem with their management crew and the boss, but I still feel it unworthy for Eurus. He just wanted to play with the others too badly. I told Yang before that he’d better win a TI with that team.”

The transfer fee was eventually paid by Elephant, Chen Qing said, but not before Eurus himself became “a bit impulsive and wanted to pay the ¥1.5 M by himself,” just to end all the mess. 

“The transaction fee was basically paid by Elephant, but someone had a salary cut again. It was just so disgusting. They were certain that Eurus wanted to play with the other 4. They just waited until he didn’t have any choice, and exploited him,“ said Vici Gaming’s co-owner at the end of his  stream, when he once again stressed upon the fact that people need to understand that all the problems emerged due to Elephant instead of 4AM.”At the very least, separate Elephant and 4AM, it’s all Elephant’s problem,“ Chen Qing ended the stream with.

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