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Earlier today, Team Aster’s founder Xu “BurNIng” Zhilei shared on Weibo the emails he exchanged with Valve regarding the recent racist remarks aimed at the Chinese people made by Gabriel “Skemberlu” Ong of compLexity Gaming and Carlo “Kuku” Palad of TNC Predator.

In Skem’s case coL have taken actions and besides issuing a public apology for their player’s words, they also formally reprimanded Skem, as well as a giving him a maximum fine. TNC seem to have posted an official statement on Weibo, but it didn’t get noticed.

BurNIng sent a formal email to Valve’s Executive Erik Johnson asking three questions:

  • For racist remarks during DPC events, if the player isn’t punished by his organization, will Valve step in?
  • For non-DPC events, will Valve get involved?
  • If a well-known pro player makes racist remarks in a pub game, will Valve get involved?

Erik Johnson was prompt in replying to the Chinese legend carry, and assured him that “Valve does not support racist language between pro players in any form.” To the three questions addressed he answered:

“We think the three situations you mentioned are not completely equal, but our decision will always be predicated on how to make DOTA2 more popular around the world. Pro players have a huge impact on the growth of DOTA2. If the organization does nothing when a problem appears, we will get involved. “

The email exchange didn’t stop here, as BurNing wanted a bit more specific and clear answers from Valve as well as suggesting to the Dota 2 developer to establish “clear rules on defining and processing such behavior.”

” I understand your stance. In the previous mail, I mentioned three hypothetical situations, now let’s talk about the real events. Chinese fans wanted punishment for Skem from coL. Based on your last email, because coL already punished him, Valve won’t hand out any further punishment. I personally understand this result. I think that posting our conversation, we help the Chinese fans understand Valve’s stance on this issue. No problem.

But for KUKU, he used the same racial slur in a pub game. After LGD refused to scrim with them, KUKU posted an apology on Weibo. However, he also made up a story trying to hide his mistake. (KUKU said the Tiny player’s ID is Ching Chong. He is just calling that player’s ID. However, Chinese fans found that Tiny only changed his ID afterwards. Kuku later deleted the made-up story.) Chinese fans feel that Valve needs to express their stance on this event, as TNC didn’t make any statement so far.

I personally hope that this conversation can clarify Valve’s logic and process on such events. I will have a post on social media to eliminate the negative effects among the Chinese community.

A little suggestion, can we use this opportunity to establish clear rules on defining and processing such behavior. We all want better pro scenes for DOTA2, maybe it’s time to have clear rules, right?” – translation provided by Reddit user WhoIsEarthshaker

To this last email from BurNIng, Erik Johnson has only replied that Valve will “directly communicate with TNC regarding the incident and he thanked BurNIng for sharing the conversation to the Chinese community.

After Team Aster’s founder shared his emails on Weibo, TNC posted the following on their Twitter account: “We sincerely apologize and our organization will continue working on educating our players to make sure that this incident won’t happen again,” and they also mentioned that the organization did fine Kuku and made an official statement on Weibo six days ago, statement which seems to have gone unnoticed.

TNC’s Weibo post dates from November 3, while these emails between BurNIng and Erik Johnson happened just yesterday, a day before the Kuala Lumpur Major began. In today’s direct confrontation between TNC and Vici Gaming, the five members of VG aggressively tipped Kuku in both games of the series, and although TNC have lost 0-2, Kuku  delivered a commendable performance on Enigma in the second game. The group stage is played in a GSL format and no team will be eliminated at the end of the day, but the bottom two teams from each of the four groups will start the playoffs from the lower bracket. TNC’s next opponent is BurNIng’s Team Aster and the outcome will decide which of the two teams is guaranteed to start their Major playoffs road from the lower bracket rounds.



Perfect World and Chinese Dota2 Teams React to Racism

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