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The EPICENTER has made changes to the number of slots some of the regions will get for the last Major of the season.

The EPICENTER Major in Moscow was announced this March to take place Jun. 22-30 and to close the DPC 2018/2019 season. The announcement also featured a distribution of the qualifier slots as follows:

— Europe: 3
— CIS: 3
— China: 3
— Southeast Asia: 2
— North America: 2
— South America: 2
— TBA Minor winner: 1

These were more or less in line with every other preceding Major, with the small exception of CIS getting three and North America only getting two — while the opposite has been true for the four Majors so far. For the EPICENTER Major, however, not only is CIS getting back to just two slots, but so are Europe and China. According to EPICENTER, this is due to “uncertainty in regional slot distribution” and is something that’s been communicated with Dota 2 developer Valve.

Valve is also going to be responsible for distributing the now vacant three slots.

This, of course, raises the question of how it will happen and where the three slots will go. North America was the “snubbed” region initially so it’s likely it gets awarded one extra slot, though this will put it into a favorable position compared to the other major regions. It’s also possible Valve distributes the slots not based on region but based on previous DPC results: reward previous Minor winners, or teams high in the DPC standings that couldn’t qualify for EPICENTER, or give more Major slots to preceding StarLadder Ukraine Minor.

The latter will keep all regions equal (with 2 slots each) and reward current or season-long form before geolocation.

VPEsports has reached out to Epic Esports Events for comment.

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