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Prior to Wednesday July 18, 2018 Valve’s biggest ban wave saw over 40,000 Steam accounts suffer bans for cheating – which was their biggest ban haul. However, as of last Wednesday, Valve have double that total in a mass purge which saw over 60,000 VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) bans and another 27,000+ game bans too. These numbers were found via Steamdb and show that Valve has decided to take a much harsher stance on cheaters in their games once again.

image: Steamdb

The total estimated number of bans handed out in the last week comes to over 90,000 however, as Steamdb cannot monitor every single Steam user in a single day, this number is possibly a lot higher. The number is also not indicative of a specific game as the VAC punishments could be for a multitude of Valve games including but definitely not limited to Dota 2, CS:GO, Team Fortress or any of the Call of Duty Games. The reasoning behind this mass-wave of bans is still unclear – it could just be that the VAC system has picked up on a new method of cheating and suddenly cracked down, or Valve themselves have decided to finally pressure cheaters out of their games.

image: Reddit

A post on Reddit’s VAC_Porn subreddit was definitely something that gave me the most enjoyment out of this ban wave as a player lost over $30,000 worth of items after his account was hit with a ban. We all have suffered against cheaters and it is always amazing to see these ban-waves occur, I only hope that Valve and other gaming companies too) continue to persevere on this front and rid the gaming community of these banes on our time.

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