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Earlier this month, on the 6th of May, Valve filed a trademark title, “Dota Underlords” categorized as “Computer game software; Electronic game software; Video game software”.

There is no information on this new Valve project, but with Artifact put on hold until the developers will find a way to redesign it and eventually relaunch it, Doat Underlords might very well be the Artifact 2.0. Speculation can go far beyond and we can assume that Valve has acquired DrodoStudio’s Dota 2 arcade custom game Auto Chess. If that’s the case, “Dota Underlords” could very well be either an independent PC title or even Valve’s own mobile version of Dota Auto Chess.

However, with the company already opening the pre-orders for the new Index VR headset, it wouldn’t be surprising if the developer announced  “Dota Underlords” as a new title in the Dota 2 world, but designed especially for VR. Regardless of what this Valve trademark title is all about, the fans are most likely to hear the first details about it at Valve’s biggest esports annual tournament, The International.

TI9 main event will unfold August 20-25 at Mercedes-Benz Arena from Shanghai, China.  With more than three months to go, Dota 2 fans have plenty of time to make their own assumptions on what “Dota Underlords” could possibly be. What do you think this title is all about?

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