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After The International comes the roster shuffling season. There are multiple reasons as to why it is the most opportune time to do the roster shuffles. Almost all of the relevant players are there so they can talk face to face. The International immerses them in Dota2 and I suspect that it motivates them to try to find the best teams possible in the upcoming year. Today Resolut1on has announced his team for next season:

This is essentially the old VGJ.Storm lineup except they have replaced SneyKing with UNiVeRsE. On paper, this should be a brilliant move as UNiVeRsE is one of the best players in the offlane position. While SneyKing did his role well, UNiVeRsE offers more in terms of experience, versatility, carry potential, and consistency. It was also let UNiVeRsE move back to NA and the lifestyle change could have been a consideration for him. In terms of team success, VGJ.Storm has been a better team than Fnatic within the last few months, especially at TI8. With this roster move, I think it could potentially bump them up to the next tier of teams. To visualize this, these were the tiers before TI8:

S-Tier: Liquid, EG, Virtus.Pro, PSG.LGD

A-Tier: Secret, Vici Gaming

B-Tier: The rest

VGJ.Storm were in the cluster of B-Tier teams and I think this move could put them into the A-Tier class of team if UNiVeRsE can play to the same vision of Dota that the other teams have.

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