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The recent meta is well settled with players knowing well what works and what doesn’t. As such, we have a few heroes standing out as the best that work with patch 7.27d. Last week, we took at a look at which heroes were in demand in the mid lane. Today, we will take a look at the safelane carries that are terrorizing high level pubs; more specifically, the best performing carries from the Divine and Immortal bracket for the last month. This data is as per Dotabuff and has been analyzed for the past one month, so it well and truly reflects the games from patch 7.27 after players have had time to absorb the patch. The choice of heroes has been made from a combination of high pick rate and high win rate heroes.

1) Faceless Void (20.18% pick rate, 52.60% win rate)

Looking at the changes Faceless Void has gone through in the past few patches, it brings to mind something Evil Geniuses’ coach Bulba said at one of the Dota 2 Summit tournaments that most professional picks are just imitating what someone used well. Void shot to popularity at TI9 – hardly used at the start of the tournament, but one of the most banned towards the end of the tournament. Ever since then, Void has become a popular pick in professional games and that has seeped into high level pubs. For the last few patches, Void has majorly been subjected to nerfs, but that doesn’t seem to deter teams and players from picking him. Even though he lost the arcana vote, Void can revel in the fact that he is the most picked carry in high level pubs with an insane pick rate of 20.18%, and a decent win rate to accompany it. Even in professional games, Void is the most picked carry this meta with a win rate of 58.24% in 364 games. Typically, players tend to get comfortable on a hero when the hero is strong and until it isn’t nerfed to the ground, will continue to be a preferred pick. That seems to be the case with Faceless Void. The new Aghanim’s Scepter seems to be getting popular as well. Not that it is the most sought out item, but it is the eighth most popular core item for Faceless Void according to Dotabuff.

2) Drow Ranger (16.44% pick rate, 52.24% win rate)

Drow Ranger is a hero that is either totally hot or totally cold and right now, she seems to be on fire (although her arrows have an ice component)! Drow has received slight buffs in the last couple of patches, but it is probably also dependent on who else is strong in the meta. According Datdota, Drow-Clockwerk-Phoenix and Drow-Tiny-Vengeful Spirit are two of the top five trios in all professional games played on the 7.27 patch. Drow’s pick rate is also bolstered by the fact that she is extremely effective in pushing lanes and taking down towers if the team plays together, which holds a lot of importance since controlling the enemy Outpost now requires taking a tier 2 tower. Taking a tier 2 tower early on in the game thanks to Drow and her Marksmanship aura offers a team the ability to take control of the enemy Outpost and establish map control. Especially if Drow is paired with Vengeful Spirit (who is the best hero to combo with her according to Datdota), the pair complement each other’s auras. Vengie gives Drow 13 additional agility and 125 attack range, taking her attack range to 750, which is outside the tower range of 700. So Drow can comfortably sit back and take towers in the effect of Vengeance Aura.

3) Spectre (16.20% pick rate, 51.65% win rate)

Not only did Spectre win the arcana vote for the TI10 Battle Pass, she is also one of the top carries of the meta – she’s pretty much having the time of her life! Spectre’s biggest enemy is a lack of time, which was exactly what was keeping her down in the previous meta of Lycan and Beastmaster. The games used to be over before Spectre had the chance to come online and have a prominent impact. Spectre got a bunch of buffs in Dota 2 patch 7.27b. IceFrog and Valve realized pretty quickly that they’d gone slightly overboard, making her a bit too strong, and pulled back with some nerfs in patches 7.27c and 7.27d. But most of the nerfs were at the early levels, where she’s always been a weak hero, especially in the laning stage. If she can get through that, Spectre continues to be one of the most terrifying heroes to play against in the late game. It’s interesting to note though that even though she has a good win rate in pubs, in professional games, her win rate is only 47.78% in 316 games on the 7.27 patch. Teams know how lethal she can be and are better coordinated to make her game a lot more difficult in the early minutes. She is, however, one of the most picked carries this patch in professional games, second only to Faceless Void. On a side note, her Aghanim’s Scepter upgrade (Shadow Step is the new skill that she gets with it) got a massive buff in patch 7.25, but it continues to be an ignored invent choice.

Spectre changelog (tanken from dota2.gamepedia)

4) Anti-Mage (15.32% pick rate, 51.36% win rate)

The resurgence of Anti-Mage and Phantom Assassin are largely connected to the fact the Magnus’ Empower got buffed in Dota 2 patch 7.27b. Empower’s attack damage bonus was increased from 10%/15%/20%/25% to 11%/18%/25%/32%. That has made Magnus popular as a support once again and the two heroes that pair up the best with him to take advantage of the buff are AM and PA. The buff increased the damage at every level, so it isn’t just that it helps in jungle farming, it helps in lane as well. Anti-Mage himself hasn’t been buffed significantly in recent times. Like Specter though, it does help that average game times have increased. There is a no place for an Anti-Mage in a faced paced Lycan suited meta.

5) Sven (14.55% pick rate, 51.57% win rate)

Sven was one of the winners of the 7.27b patch, with a number of positive changes coming his way. The three biggest ones were an increase in movement speed by 10, Warcry granting allies an increase in movement speed as well and God’s Strength duration increased from 25 seconds to 40 seconds. Sven’s major issue as a carry has always been getting kited. For the time that God’s Strength is active, no one really wants to go toe to toe against the Rogue Knight. But it was easy to kite him for a majority of the duration of God’s Strength, especially early on in the game and very late when BKB durations were down to 5 seconds. The increased movement speed and increased God’s Strength duration makes him a lot less kiteable. So even though he is not as tanky as he was before owing to the bonus strength from God’s Strength being removed, the new God’s Strength has made him a strong contender as a carry this meta.

Sven changelog (tanken from dota2.gamepedia)

Honorable mentions

It is good to see Clinkz and Chaos Knights with good win rates, they were ignored for a long time. They don’t have very high pick rates, but seem to perform above average when picked. Clinkz is also picked as a mid laner quite often this patch, so the low pick rate is only for the safe lane, not for the hero as a whole.

Phantom Assassin (16.55% pick rate, 49.24% win rate)
Clinkz (1.72% pick rate, 56.81% win rate)
Chaos Knight (3.82% pick rate, 51.84% win rate)

When the new match making season arrives, which should be anytime in the next week, these carries could be your way of getting some good wins in the calibration games and ending up with a high rank.

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