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One of the most interesting changes if the new DPC is that the points are distributed to teams. My assumption is that this system was used so that people couldn’t try to game the system, like how when Lil went to Na`Vi, they were suddenly in contention to get to TI.


This particular rule and the removal of the roster lock has created an interesting dynamic in the new DPC. For the top teams, players are more incentivized to stick together as all five players know that is their best bet to get to compete at TI9. For the weaker teams, I think the opposite is true.


With the ability to swap rosters without penalty (assuming you get the team together before the registration deadline), every team can now make drastic changes if they want to. We’ve already seen this happen to Aster with disastrous results where they removed dstones and got loveyouloveme to play for them instead.


This creates a polarzied dynamic in the lower tier teams of Dota as they have to essentially choose between two disparate philosophies. They can either do what Liquid did and try to stick together for a long period of time and grow as a unit, or they can shuffle over and over again until they hit dynamite.


As the new DPC season unfolds, I believe the most important question that will plague the teams without the results will be to kick or not to kick.

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