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One more regional qualifier for The International 2018 is over. Southeast Asia decided its second and last team to qualify for the biggest event of the year.

TNC Predator were heavily tested by their sister team TNC Tigers in the lower bracket finals today. The first game of the series went to Tigers who despite losing the laning stage were able to take objectives with their draft built exactly for that. Chen-Death Prophet-Shadow Shaman proved too much for TNC Predator to successfully defend their base and the newly formed team of TNC were on the way to deliver an upset. However, Predator’s Armel Paul “Armel” Tabios, Marc Polo Luis “Raven” Fausto and Timothy John “Tims” Randrup on Bloodseeker, Lifestealer, and Naga Siren respectively, had a super sharp second game to even the series and force Tigers to a decisive third game.

Tigers had a somewhat a better draft in the last game of the series. They picked Phantom Lancer, the Repel and Guardian Angel strong team fight presence, the Global Silence and on top of all those, a Death Prophet which put them in a tremendous advantage. Forty minutes in, the game looked like already won by Tigers who amounted close to a 25K gold lead and had already taken two lane of barracks. The swing happened at the 44-minute mark when Tigers were in the Roshan pit, close to actually land the kill and claim the Aegis and Cheese, but Tims arrived with his Song of the Siren just in time to prevent the disaster. Tigers lost their PL who didn’t have buyback available, also the Omniknight and Tusk and suddenly the game became dead even as Predator marched on the high ground and took two lane of barracks as well.

Past 60 minutes into the game both teams were holding only on one barracks. TNC Predator had just the mid lane melee barracks alive while Tigers were defending bottom melee to prevent the mega creeps. The last ten minutes of the series were tense, and it felt like it had all come down to who had the stronger nerves.

TNC Predator came on top and they will now join Fnatic at The International 2018 as winners of the Southeast Asia qualifiers. Sixteen teams have already secured their presence in Vancouver, Canada at Valve’s most prestigious tournament. Two more are yet to be decided for the qualifiers to be completely over. Europe will decide its winning team today while the final participant will come from the NA competition where OpTic, compLexity Gaming and Immortals fight for the last ticket.


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