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Grand Finals were upon us for the first Major of the Dota 2 Pro Circuit season and it would be Vici Gaming and TNC Predator fighting to be crowned the champions of MDL Chengdu.

After the upper bracket finals would see Vici Gaming drop TNC Predator into the lower bracket in a swift 2-0 series, the Southeast Asian squad would need to take down the Minor victors to get a rematch in the Grand Final. As we had constantly seen from TNC throughout the event, they were relentless, sending eliminating Invictus Gaming in third place and setting themselves up for revenge as the two tournament favourites would clash again. For VG, the grand finals were a chance for them to start the season on the front foot and claim a massive DPC point lead over the rest.

The first game was a complete stomp from TNC, as they out-drafted, out-matched and out-played their opponents from start to finish. TNC gave VG no chance to get any foothold in the game, while they controlled the map and countered any aggression too. It took little over half an hour for the GG to come out. The next game went exactly the same way, as TNC just seemed absolutely unstoppable in the grand finals of MDL Chengdu. With a Morphling + Earthshaker combination, which they also dominated iG with earlier today, the SEA squad pummeled VG and went up 2-0 in the series.

With their hopes of winning the first Major of the season quickly closing, VG needed to do something massive to come back into the series. It seemed as though it wouldn’t happen when TNC picked up the Chen + Alchemist but that wasn’t going to faze VG who finally found their footing and brought the series to 2-1.

What would end up being the final game of MDL Chengdu was an intense one that proved TNC are one of the best Dota 2 teams currently. Even though VG would obtain a massive lead of near 30k and it seemed as though they had found a way to stop the TNC march forward, the SEA squad were able to utilise their Morph + ES combo again and rip through their opponent’s lineup. While VG tried their hardest to hold off the attack and survive, they were unable to even come close to the power of TNC.

An absolutely amazing MDL Chengdu from TNC Predator would see the squad take a 3-1 victory and take the first Major title of this DPC season also claiming $300,000 and a gigantic 4850 DPC points.

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