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photo by ESL One

The regional qualifiers for ESL One Birmingham 2019 have been gracing us with a touch of Dota 2 action this week but by tomorrow they will have ended, leaving us with the full roster of teams heading to the event.

The first region to find its qualifier was Southeast Asia and the series was over as quickly as it begun. Going completely unbeaten throughout the qualifier run, TNC Predator took to the best-of-five grand final with a one-game lead. Their opponents, Mineski were definitely looking at a shot at revenge after TNC defeated them earlier in the week but it was not to be had. TNC overpowered the latest iteration of the Mineski roster, taking a quick and simple 3-0 victory.

On the China side of qualifiers, it was Keen Gaming who went into the grand finals with the one-game advantage but this was a much more interesting series. With Invictus Gaming as their opponents, it may have seemed an easy road for KG, but that certainly was not the case. While KG still claimed the victory, there were definitely times when iG looked dominant but unfortunately the 3-1 loss would end their Birmingham aspirations.

Both TNC Predator and Keen Gaming, with their Birmingham spots secured, will have a high chance of meeting up at next week’s ESL One Mumbai where it is sure to be an exciting series of Dota 2 if they clash. For ESL One Birmingham though, the North American qualifiers conclude later today but in the mean time there will be some action from the European region coming up in the next few hours.

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