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With ten days left until the Post-TI8 Shuffle officially closes, TNC Predator part ways with two members who have been fighting under their banner for three Internationals in a row.



Today marks the end of a three years adventure with TNC for Marc Polo Luis “Raven” Fausto. Raven joined the team back in the post TI5 shuffle and played the carry role at TNC with a short intermezzo in 2016 when he joined Fnatic for a brief three months, from September to November of that year.

TNC was Raven’s home and with them, the Filipino talented player placed top 8 at TI6, which was the best finish he and TNC have ever achieved at Valve’s annual event.

Prior to The International 2018, TNC were expected to make a nice appearance given their results towards the end of the DPC season. A top 4 at DAC 2018, top 8 at MDL Changsha Major and also top 8 at the China Super Major, gave TNC fans a lot of hope for this year’s TI. But, unfortunately, their team didn’t adapt quickly enough to the tournament meta and they were forced to a lower bracket start in the Main event, where they got eliminated in the first round by Mineski.

“We messed up the drafts and we really just played bad, no excuses. I think the biggest mistakes that we did were in the drafts. We had drafts with no stuns at all, we didn’t go with the flashy, pick offs oriented strategies, we simply didn’t follow the current meta or the TI8 groups stage meta,” told us Raven at the TI8 press day.

The bottom 13th-16th finish in Vancouver, Canada brings with it the end of Samson “Sam_H” Hidalgo stint as well. Until now, TNC was the only team the young offlaner played for. He joined the Filipino team in January 2015 and across the past three years and a half he was one of the constants in TNC’s games. Neither him nor Raven announced their intentions for the new season, and while they’re free agents for now, their former team has about ten days to complete their roster.

TNC Predator current roster:

 – Armel Paul “Armel” Tabios
 – Timothy “Tims” Randrup
 – Carlo “Kuku” Palad


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