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With TI9 one day away, Valve has finally released the Battle Pass level 182 and level 255 rewards.

In order to prepare for the Majesty of the Colossus -Tiny prestige item, the developer broke the cosmetic slots for Tiny in six  components as follows:

– Tiny Weapon

– Tiny Tiny

– Tiny Small

– Tiny Medium

– Tiny Large

– Tiny Taunt

This means that the Tiny prestige item, although a very good looking set, can be mixed and matched with any other cosmetic players might already have for the hero.

Custom creeps come with different models for Radiant and Dire and the skin will never become tradable which means that they have a great chance to become the reason for a new prize pool surge.

As of now, the TI9 prize pool sits a bit above $32,800,00 and it will be interesting to see if the two latest additions to the Battle Pass will push it to the 33 million dollars milestone. 

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