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Day two in The International 2018 main event opens with an interesting VGJ. Storm vs OG matchup. We had the chance to talk to Roman “Resolut1on” Fominok on the media day in Vancouver and see how he feels going up against OG. We also discussed his team and his personal expectations from TI8, the meta and the Morphling absence from the drafts these days.


Hello Roman and congratulations on the amazing group stage run. You’ve done it again, you’re in the TI8 main event, this time in the upper bracket, how do you feel, did you expect the group stage to go so well for you guys?

Yeah, thank you, pretty crazy stuff. I don’t think anybody expected this result, not even us.

What was the team expectation for the group stage?

Of course we kind of aimed for that upper bracket seed, but to be honest, me personally, I didn’t expect us to do so well because there are so many good teams this year at TI. I feel like this is the strongest TI in terms of teams and their strength.


Well, I guess the overall group stage results were a bit surprising for the entire community because we had so many negative comments regarding the three qualifier slots for the North American region.

Yeah, exactly, and now we have EG, us and OpTic in the upper bracket.


Yup, there’s your three NA qualified teams. Alright, so let’s talk a bit about the main event.

I can’t wait to get there, I’m pretty excited about going into the main event. Every game there, on the stage, is like a true celebration for me. You go there and you always get so many emotions going on. Either you lose or win, it’s a unique experience.


You have such a positive mentality all the time. Are you the one who gives all the big speeches in your team?

I’m actually not the biggest speaker there. Before each game, we group up and it’s usually Jack giving us the encouraging speech, or Clairvoyance, our coach. SVG is also there to give us the positive speeches when we need them. These three are the biggest talkers who always find the right words to boost our morale.


Was there any team you wished not to face in the opening series of the main event?

I was a bit concerned about, because they play the fastest Dota right now and we always struggle against them.


So, you won your group and picked OG, a team you started the DPC season with before joining Storm. How do you feel about starting the main event with this match up?

I kind of want to prove something there. It’s a little bit of story there and although I’ve kind of let it go already and I don’t hold any grudge anymore, OG is still an interesting match up for me.

I see, well, I believe it’s an interesting matchup for all the people who followed you and OG this past DPC season. Let’s talk about the meta a bit, but before we actually get there I want to ask you something about Morphling, because it’s one of your signature heroes. At the beginning of the group stage, there was a bug, a weird interaction when he would steal an Earth Shaker spell. Did you guys, the teams playing at TI8, had an agreement not to pick it before the bug was fixed?

Yeah, I know about that bug, but no, we had no agreement. He wasn’t picked because he is a weak hero in the laning stage. Because everyone is focusing their game on the laning stage he is simply not a viable pick anymore. Maybe, you can pick it against certain matchups in the mid lane, but other than that I don’t think you can really make this hero work right now.


It makes sense. So, the meta is all about flexible heroes and fast-paced games. We now see the drafts starting with Brood, with Tiny, Wraith King, Mirana, Weaver even, heroes that can be played in any lane. Do you think that it’s going to be the same in the main event?

Yeah, you are completely right, people are picking the heroes and prioritize them so much because they are so versatile. They give you a lot of options in the draft and at the same time you don’t reveal anything with these picks because your opponent will have to guess what you’ll do. Are you sending this hero mid, or is he an offlane or who knows, perhaps it’s your carry. Having said that, I think that the main event picks will not change that much. Maybe some people might find a few other heroes that can be as versatile as those we use now, but that would be all.


So we shouldn’t expect any Techies games on the big stage, right?

No, I don’t think anyone will play Techies right now. Picking Techies is not helping you in the laning stage and you don’t want that. Techies are not providing as much as a Crystal Maiden, a Dark Willow or a Phoenix do.


I’d like to hear your opinion on the no roster lock rule for the next DPC season, is it good for the players or not?

It is a bit risky for the players, but it’s a lot more better for the scene. I mean we just saw this past season that nobody really cares about the roster lock, about losing points, about throwing themselves in the open qualifiers. And by doing this, by going in the open qualifiers as a tier one team you actually deny the chance for the smaller, or the new teams to make it in the closed qualifiers. So, for the tier two teams and whatnot I think this new season will be much better.


What’s your expectation, or your target going into the TI8 playoffs?

I don’t have any expectations for myself. I usually go from series to series and for now, I’m aiming just to win versus OG.


Alright Reso, thanks for taking the time to talk to us today and best of luck in the main event.

Thank you.

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