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TNC Predator are starting The International 2018 in the lower bracket rounds after an underwhelming performance on the last two days of the group stage matches. We had the chance to talk to Marc Polo Luis “Raven” Fausto and discuss what happened with his team after the first two days in the group stage, where TNC looked like they could have claimed a position among the top four teams in their group.

Hello Raven, congrats for making it into the main event of TI8, but something tells me you’re not exactly happy with the group stage results. What are your thoughts on what happened with you guys after the first day in the groups?

We messed up the drafts and we really just played bad, no excuses. I think the biggest mistakes that we did were in the drafts. We had drafts with no stuns at all, we didn’t go with the flashy, pick offs oriented strategies, we simply didn’t follow the current meta or the TI8 groups stage meta if you want to call it like that.


It all started well for you with a game taken from VP, clean victories versus Vici Gaming and OpTic and then a long trail of losses.

Yeah and the more we lost, the more upset we were and started to worry more with every game we played and yeah, that’s it, we didn’t recover from there.


How do you feel about having to go up against Mineski in the opening Bo1 round of the lower bracket?

When we saw that we have to go versus Mineski we got a bit sad to be completely honest with you. We also practiced a lot with them before TI8 and they know our play style, all our heroes so, this will force us to perhaps change everything before the bo1 match up with them.


When you say that you might need to come up with different strategies, are you also hoping that this meta that relies on early aggressiveness will change going into the main event?

No, I don’t think so. These flashy heroes that are able to dominate the early laning stage I think are here to stay. The phoenix strategies, the Clinkz picks I think will continue to be prioritized.


Yeah, it’s a bit weird what’s happening right now. On one hand you have these paper thin cores and then you have the tanky supports meant to win the lane instead of roaming.

Yeah exactly, we have a meta where Ogre Magi, Undying and all the beefy supports are going to show up more and more in the drafts.


I see you came to Vancouver with someone who is really close to you, a person who used to be your captain and who knows all of you guys very well.

Yeah, we brought 1437 aboard and he is our coach for this event at least. He really helps us a lot. It’s always good to have someone watching your games and come with his input on what has to be adjusted or should be done differently in order to win.


What’s your opinion on having just one spot for each region in the next TI qualifiers?

I have mix feelings about that. On one hand it’s good to have more teams earning DPC points in the tournaments and 12 teams to qualify for TI via DPC points, but at the same time I really don’t like the idea of having just 1 spot for each region  in the TI main qualifiers. It’s gonna be really tough for lower teams for example.


I learnt today that you are on a diet, and I want to congratulate you for taking this decision of having a healthier lifestyle, taking care of what you eat, what you drink and so on,which is really hard for any pro player that has a packed tournament schedule. So, how do you deal with this during LAN events?

Yeah, it’s actually hard to follow a diet while you have to travel so much. This is the third time when I’m trying to keep a diet, but you see the first two times when I went on a diet, I started to lose important matches so i stopped the diet, and I think now I might have to stop again. [laughing]


Now, that the group stage is completed and you identified the mistakes you guys did in the past few days, what are your expectations for the main event, what’s the goal for TI8?

If we win against Mineski, I think we have a very good chance to go all the way to the lower bracket finals, so a realistic goal for us is top 4.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us today, and best of luck in the main event of TI8!

Thank you for having me

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