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The Chinese outlet eSportsFocus talked to PSG.LGD mid laner Lu “Maybe” Yao on the media day at The International 2018 and we are happy to share with you the English translation of the interview.




Hi Maybe and thank you for taking the time for this interview. How do you feel about your performance during the group stage?

In the beginning, we weren’t doing great. Luckily, as the group stage progressed, we managed to regain our form bit by bit.


So, what caused your underwhelming start?

Pressure and stress. The good thing is we’ve solved our problems through communication.


LGD is the only Chinese team in the upper bracket, does that put extra pressure on your shoulder?

There’s no such thing, we will take every game seriously no matter we‘re in the upper bracket or lower bracket. is your first round opponent, how do you feel about this match-up?

Actually, we are pretty confident that we can beat them.


What do you think about the other Chinese teams’ performance in the group stage? What went wrong?


The teams in group B (Newbee, Serenity and Vici Gaming) just got unlucky, some of them were one win away from being seeded in the upper bracket. I don’t really know what went wrong since I’m not on their team, but probably it was because of all the pressure. It’s pretty common that newcomers get nervous at TI.




What are your thoughts on western teams’ performance so far?  Like Team Liquid, and Evil Geniuses.


They were in great form since the beginning of the group stage and their results are pretty decent. But in my opinion, it’s not necessarily a good thing, because usually, the main event might not be a smooth sail for the teams that played super well in the group stage.


Do you believe in the odd-even numbered year pattern?

Yes, I do.


Do you think that the pattern will continue this year?

Yes, I do.


So, which team will make the pattern to continue this year?



Alright then, we wish you best of luck. All eyes on you!

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