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The Lower Bracket of The Chongqing Major kicked off today with the best-of-one elimination matches for 8 teams. Alliance were the first to fall earlier and next to fight for their tournament survival would be The Pango and Thunder Predator. The Pango played amazingly through the Group Stage of the event, nearly managing to thwart Team Liquid in their opening series. Thunder were still searching for their first series victory, but as we saw with Chaos, those could come at the best of times.

Thunder started the game off playing an a rather fast pace, pushing towers as a team and finding the better pickoffs. Once again, it was a Timbersaw pick that was working out for a team, but Pango were not down and out just yet, defending their towers well as a team. As the game progressed, the Peruvians begun to outplay their opponents at every turn and by 20 minutes they had complete control.

Just a few minutes later, outside their base, Pango were completely destroyed by Predator which was followed by them dropping the mid and bottom lane barracks. There seemed to be nothing to stop them now, with Juan ‘Atun’ Ochoa’s Terrorblade ripping through everything in his path.

It didn’t take much longer for Thunder Predator to claim mega creeps and with that at their door, the game was over and GG was called. With their first victory, the Peruvians secured a spot in the next round of the lower bracket where they will have the tough task of Evil Geniuses. Unfortunately for The Pango, their run ends here.

The Chongqing Major continues with elimination matches; next will be Forward Gaming taking on J.Storm.

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