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Although The International 10 has no current date set, the Battle Pass has been in full swing for some time now and, with two weeks until it ends, the prize pool for the event has surpassed last year’s amount.

The International has been breaking records every year with its prize pool – consistently becoming the highest in esports history. Last year at TI9, $34,330.068 was the amount which the community built the prize pool to after a little under 111 days of the Battle Pass being active. This year, with TI being postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was unsure if the prize pool would even come close to this – although seeing an extremely quick build up and peak at many moments. With only 92 days passed since the BP was released, TI10’s prize pool has now peaked above the TI9 amount.

Looking back at previous years, at this time for TI9, the prize pool was sitting at a little over $32,000,000 meaning that this year we are over $2,000,000 beyond that point. With another 2 weeks to go until the BP comes to an end, it’s highly likely that we will see this amount climb to above the $35,000,000 mark – especially with the Windranger Arcana still yet to be released, as well as the Immortal Treasure III.

image: TI Prize Pool Tracker

For now, we know that Valve are monitoring the situation for when TI10 will occur but right now, it would seem that we’re going to have to wait some time to see the teams fighting for what is sure to be a monumental prize pool.

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