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Four Angry Men’s (4AM) venture into the Dota 2 scene was stained right from the very first roster announcement and, unfortunately, the Zhang “Eurus” Chengjuns transfer controversy gets only more complicated as the team tries to actually start competing a month after the roster was formed.

After Vici Gaming announced early this morning that Eurus’ transfer fee has not been paid yet, thus they forbid him to play with his new team at China Dota2 Pro Cup Season 2, both 4AM and their partner for the Dota 2 project, Elephant, issued statements trying to clarify the situation and to shut down rumors of a full acquisition of 4AM by Elephant.

According to the 4AM statement issued earlier, the collaboration between them and the Chinese multi-network channel, Elephant started in March 2019 and was centered on social media promotion via Elephant channels. While under this cooperation agreement, the two organizations began to work on a Dota 2 project, but according to 4AM they failed the “negotiations on the operation plan.”

4AM statement

“4AM Esports Club signed a two-year cooperation agreement in March 2019 with the Multi-Channel Networks, Elephant, as the agent for the management of our We-media accounts, with the scope of cooperation limitedto, TikTok, and other We-media platforms. During the period of cooperation, partial payment of Elephant for the cooperation was in arrears, and the two parties had a failure in negotiation on the operation plan for the Dota2 project. The Dota2 project is temporarily funded and operated independently by Elephant, with subsequent matters relating to the cooperation still under negotiation.” (translation provided by Blair Zheng)

However, the Elephant.4AM Dota 2 team was still officially announced on the 1st of October 2020, with both names being represented, although the project is temporarily funded and operated independently by Elephant,” according to 4AM statement from today, November 15.

Furthermore, Elephant also issued an official statement today, confirming that they’ve been injecting all the money so far and accused 4AM for not fulfilling their part of the deal.

Elephant full statement (translation provided by Blair Zheng)

“At first, the original ratio of investments decided between Elephant.Bgoose and 4AM was 5:5, putting the 4AM brand at the front. However, until Nov.15th 2020, the joint venture still hasn’t received any funds from 4AM, and all the expenses of the club are carried by Elephant.Bgoose.

Recently, there are some people in the industry starting rumors and twisting the facts. Please stay rational.”


The Elephant.4AM drama started when it was revealed that Eurus was lured into the project, but later on, Elephant, which supposedly should have paid for his transfer fee, refused to do so. The monetary issue began to grow when Bai “rOtK” Fan revealed that after being negotiating with 4AM for several weeks,  he was in the end told by the managerial team “sorry, our boss doesn’t have a budget for a coach.”

None of the organizations spoke about what are the exact contractual bindings between Elephant and 4AM on the Dota 2 project and who should have taken care of the players’ acquisition for the team. 


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