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The Dota 2 Pro Circuit 2018/19 season is in full swing and we’ve already begun down the Road to The International. With that, Valve’s DPC page has updated confirming two tournaments in 2019 as Minors; StarLadder and Dota Pit.

The first of these to take place will Be Dota Pit, which will be coming our way from April 22-28th 2019 from the Spaladium Arena in Split, Croatia – which means that it will definitely see some time in front of a live crowd. As with all Minors this season, teams will only qualify through Regional Qualifiers and the dates set aside for these are April 3rd-6th 2019. While these dates are not yet confirmed, it is likely that they will be honored.

The next Minor that has been confirmed is to be a StarLadder and ImbaTV Minor, this after the confirmation of a StarLadder Major earlier this month. This Minor will take place in June 2019 from the 10th-16th and will take place in Ukraine. Much like the Dota Pit Minor, the Regional Qualifiers will be the way for teams to get into this event and May 21st-24th are the dates set for these but, much like the Dota Pit Minor, have not yet been confirmed.

With that only one Minor remains to be announced for the 2018/19 season of the DPC – the one taking place in March of next year. As the long and winding road to The International 2019. We will have more information on all the DPC regional qualifiers as it becomes available.

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