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photo by PGL

By the end of today at The Bucharest Minor there would be only 3 teams left in the running for the spoils of the event. Three teams would be eliminated today and the series to decide the first of these eliminations would be between Keen Gaming and Team Team.

Keen and TT had both come through the tournament from the same group, but due to the tournament structure the two teams had avoided playing each other until today. After what could only be described as one of the biggest fails of the Dota 2 year, TT was gifted their first victory at the event and a path into today’s series. On the other side, Keen were dropped into the Lower Bracket by EHOME early yesterday and they would be looking to make a run through the Lower Bracket to avoid elimination and claim a possible top 4 finish.

The opening game had a fairly slow start, with neither team really taking control of the game until near 25 minutes in. Kills were scattered and fell on both sides until Keen begun to take the game into their own hands with their Phantom Assassin. While there was a brief lull as the Chinese team farmed and awaited their perfect timings, TT were unable to hold off against the onslaught when it came.

With elimination now only 1 game away for TT, the North American squad rallied and came out fighting in game two. TT found themselves taking an early lead and constantly building on it throughout the near-40-minute game before they secured a tied series and a final game to split the teams.

The final game was barely a contest as it was Keen who took control this time and once they did, they did not let TT get any space across the entire map. In just over 20 minutes the GG was forced out and TT would be eliminated from the Minor.

Keen Gaming move on and secure themselves a guaranteed top 4 spot at the event and next up their opponent for the next round will be decided as OG take on Ninjas in Pyjamas.

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