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photo by Igor Bezborodov

After a long first day at the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor, Group A would open day 2 with an elimination series between Team Anvorgesa and Winstrike Team.

While both teams played admirably in their opening series, neither could muster the strength to beat their more powerful opponents and thusly fell into the daunting task of fighting for their tournament lives this early on.

Wraith King emerged as the clear MVP hero of the series, picked in all three games and always finding its way onto the winning side. While Winstrike were the ones to pick it up in game one, they had to work extremely hard to take the win from their South American opponents. However, the next game was a walk in the park for Anvorgesa which ended in little under half an hour. This set the teams up for a massive final game of the series.

There were huge team fights from both teams and while Winstrike had early control, they begun to fall behind as Angvorgesa picked up crucial items. It was an intense game that swung back and forth constantly but after almost 50 minutes, Anvorgesa ripped through a huge team fight and won the game.

Unfortunately for the CIS squad on their homeground, they would be the first team eliminated from the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor – and now they will begin their preparations for The International 2019 regional qualifiers. Angvorgesa aren’t safe at the Minor yet though as they will need to fight EHOME tomorrow, a rematch of their opening series.

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