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photo by ESL One

ESL One Mumbai 2019 kicked off earlier today and for Group B there was a massive chance for the Indian qualified Signify to make their presence felt by the Dota 2 community.

Signify are not wholly unknown in the Dota 2 world – the Indian squad have recently played at the Cobx Masters against some tough opponents and performed rather admirably. The Indian squad were also present at the PVP Esports Championship very early in the season and while they quickly fell to the likes of Team Secret and Fnatic, they still managed a fifth/sixth place finish.

With their qualification to ESL Mumbai, Signify were looking to stamp their mark on some international opponents – but their opening series was not that.

Sadly, for the Indian squad, they were matched up against Keen Gaming in their opening series – a Chinese team that were looking rather impressive lately. Signify did have a few moments where it seemed that they would find their footing, but KG shut the door in 22-minutes in both games. Tomorrow we will get a chance to see Signify in action once again when they take on The Pango in the loser’s series.

Mineski had shown up well against The Pango and with the return of Kim ‘Febby’ Yong-min to their roster as a standin, they were hoping to keep up their domination in a series against KG. Even though Mineski were definitely looking a lot stronger than they had in recent events, KG had their number all the way through.

After the Chinese squad took the first game, they played patiently, meticulously and beautifully to counter Mineski and claim the 2-0 victory. Mineski would now look to tomorrow’s final series as they attempt to make it into the upper bracket of the playoffs.

ESL One Mumbai 2019 definitely got off to an explosive start, especially for Keen Gaming, who secure their place in the playoff stage upper bracket and get a break of nearly two days before they will need to play again.

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