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ESL One Birmingham Online 2020: Europe and CIS has been giving us a plethora of action over the last few days – but for Natus Vincere, there tournament lives hung in the balance when they took on the almost unstoppable Team Secret.

A very strange defeat to Team Unique just a few days ago saw Team Secret stumble on their winstreak but that did not stop the veteran squad from further domination at ESL One Birmingham Online: EU & CIS in their next series. Unfortunately for Na’Vi, although they had played admirable through the group stage, their series to remain in the upper bracket of the event would require them to cause another upset for Secret and the adds were stacked against them.

Secret were not about to slip up again today and right off the bat in game one, they took control of the game, leaving Na’Vi in their dust. The CIS squad were only able to amass a total of nine kills in the 28-minute game as they fell behind and desperately needed a win to tie the series but that was never going to happen. Barely 19-minutes had passed in the second game when Na’Vi oddly threw in the GG call, with the scoreline sitting at 10-5 to Secret.

Although it seemed as though Na’Vi had given up far too easily, Secret were already far ahead with a 10k net worth lead and the final fight seemed like the last straw for them before they gave up.

Secret now move on in the event and they are almost definitely assured an upper bracket spot. For Na’Vi, they will join Gambit Esports, Team Unique and Family Team – all of whom ended in the bottom four of Group A and will be eliminated from ESL One Birmingham Online: EU & CIS.

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