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Following WePlay! Esports’ plea to betting companies to not take bets on the non-profit tournament WeSave! Charity Play, two websites joined the cause in a different manner., one of the biggest Dota betting sites, along with announced that they will donate all revenue made on WeSave! tournament to the charity organizations partnered with WePlay! Esports.

“As the Dota world unites in the fight against the coronavirus outbreak, organizing online events to fill the void on the calendar caused by the pandemic ravaging the world, we’re proud to join the #weplay2save campaign and donate all our proceeds from the tournament to charity.

Though we cannot publish internal data from the matches, we are happy to share that information with WePlay! privately in a manner which ensures that everyone will be comfortable with this decision,” stated Rivalry on their website.

WeSave! Charity Play is a nonprofit Dota 2 online marathon, taking place March 20 – 26, with 24 teams from around the globe playing in regional brackets to raise funds for charity organizations fighting the  COVID-19.The prize pool started at $120,000 and after four days of matches, it surpassed $180,000 from viewers donations, unlocking three stretch goals.

Donations stretch goals:

  • $150,000. The winners of European and CIS brackets will play with each other.
  • $160,000. North American players will play a show match in a 3v3 format.
  • $180,000. Each final series (including EU vs CIS finals) will be played in a BO5 format instead of BO5.

Those who want and can help the raising funds campaign can do so via WePlay! donation page or with Twitch Bits via the official WePlay! English, Russian and Ukrainian channels. The entire prize pool along with all donations will go to CEPI and GlobalSaving for COVID-19 vaccine development and for providing hospitals with masks, ventilators, and other lifesaving medical supplies.

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