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The first elimination series played on the Axiata Arena stage in Kuala Lumpur was also the last showing of TNC Predator at the Major. The Filipino squad was sent packing on a top-six place after a clinical performance from Ninjas in Pyjamas.

NiP started the day with a tough loss against, for whom the master drafter Peter “ppd” Dager himself said he still wasn’t ready. After a 30-minute break in the arena, NiP came back on stage to fight for their survival against the only SEA team left standing in the tournament. PPD decided for the first time in the event to pick Phoenix and he paired it with Axe for Ivan Borislavov “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov, who stole the show completely. TNC had Spectre and Crystal Maiden in the safe lane and got crushed by Mind_ControL’s Axe, which was so disruptive for TNC’s safe lane that they had to rotate all their heroes there, trying to salvage the farm for their Spectre and in doing so, they allowed NiP’s Outworld Devourer and Phantom Lancer to basically free farm. It got ugly pretty fast for TNC. Their Spectre Radiance was still not completed around the 25-minute mark when NiP were taking a Roshan kill knowing that they can’t be contested. When Spectre finally had her Radiance, it was all too late as Axe already had Pipe of Insight to mitigate that damage. Overall, TNC got dominated from the laning stage to the very end.

In game two, TNC relied on the tournament big winning hero, Arc Warden. But NiP had already a hard counter to the hero, namely Centaur Warrunner, which proved to be a core for Mind ControL, while PPD played a support Nature’s prophet and let Fata on Necrophos deal with the Arc Warden in the mid lane. Once again, it all started well for NiP, with PPD claiming the first blood before the first Bounty runes spawn and it continued in a total stomp from the European team, who has now secured a top-four finish and will have to wait for their next opponent to be decided tomorrow in the lower bracket Round 4 series PSG.LGD versus Evil Geniuses.

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