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GamerzClass released their newest Masterclass course and this one is carefully crafted with the recent ESL One Germany champion, Samuel “Boxi” Svahnto, who teaches everyone how to control the game from the offlane.

Boxi is one of the most aggressive offlaners in the professional scene and oftentimes he is the playmaker in his team, which makes him a rather unique player in his role. In the latest GamerzClass MasterClass course, he touches various aspects of the game for those who want to learn how to dominate from the offlane.

Starting with the mentality you need to have when you play this low priority core, Boxi covers everything from A-Z. Topics include laning, pre-laning, transitioning to the mid-game, itemization, team fights, farming, first item choices, and lots more.

Over the course of 24 episodes, Boxi aims to take you from a standard autopilot mode to a coordinated game style where every move has a purpose and therefore should help even the most experienced players get a better understanding of the game.

GamerzClass chose Boxi to be their first off lane course specifically because of his aggressive playstyle. A player who enjoys punishing every mistake and knows how to capitalize on an advantage. These are some of the most crucial aspects that a lot of players don’t know, especially in the lower echelons of matchmaking, where players tend to be more passive.

Lastly, while this class specifically focuses only on the offlane, GamerzClass has a wide portfolio of Dota 2 Masterclasses for all roles, with names such as Topson for mid lane, Cr1t for position 4, Nikobaby as a carry monster and N0tail who teaches the support ways and game fundamentals.

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