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Team Secret improved this year their TI results. While they exited The International 2019 top four at the hands of Team Liquid, the Dota Pro Circuit leaders definitely impressed with their performance in Shanghai. They were one of the few teams to bring unusual picks to this TI, they were the team to make so many mega creeps comebacks that it almost felt like a twisted strategy coming out from them and they always kept the tension high in their matches, from group stage to the very last game in the Main Event.

The Chinese outlet  Dadianjing talked to Yazied “YapzOr” Jaradat after the group stage and courtesy of Yuhui Zhu we are able to share with you what the one who introduced to your pub games the support Invoker or even the support Luna from earlier this season had to say about TI9. 


How do you feel about your performance in group stage?

We did pretty well. However, getting second place in the group doesn’t necessarily mean we will also do well in the main event. There’s still a lot of work and practice to be done.

Day 3 you lost to PSG.LGD 0:2 , at that time you were already in a position where you didn’t need to worry about standings, how do you feel about that match?

Although we didn’t have to worry about the standings and we didn’t take that match super seriously, we still think PSG.LGD is a really strong team.

Why did you pick Pudge for Midone? And how do you feel about his performance on that hero?

It wasn’t a “troll” pick, at that time we did think Pudge is viable strategically. So, we were like, let’s give it a try.

In the group stage, you’ve played a lot of position 4 Invoker.. What’s the difference between the position 4 Invoker and the mid lane Quas Wex Invoker?

Position 2 and 4 are two totally different roles, but there are some similarities. We tried a lot of support Invoker before TI and we believe it’s playable in tournaments.

Your first opponent in the main event will be EG, how do you feel about this match up?

We’ve played against EG many times this season and the record looks good for us. Last year we got defeated 0:2 in the same spot, so we want to do better this year.

Every year, Team Secret walk into TI as favorites, but the results haven’t been ideal. Do you think it will change this year?

Compared to previous editions, this is the TI where we have the best shape and are most prepared. With the addition of Nisha and Zai, I think we can at least make it to the top 3, but we actually have hopes for better than that.

In China, we call greedy position 4 players “leechers”, do you leech on Zai’s farm?

It really depends on what draft we have. Zai and I work together well and I only take his farm when I know it’s needed for my hero. Usually as a position 4, I don’t take much farm.

Do you have anything you want to say to the Chinese fans?

Thanks to all of our Chinese fans, online and offline, for your continued support. We hope that you will follow our main event matches as well.


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