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While we are in Stockholm, waiting for the DreamLeague Season 11 Major main vent to kick off in the Annexet Arena, we’ve been able to catch with Vici Gaming’s offlaner Zhou “Yang” Haiyang.

All smiles, and in a good mood as always, Yang talked to us about the impact the Minor Championship title from two weeks ago had on the team, the goals for this Major and about the pressure he might feel or not, as we get closer to TI9, which for the first time in The international history will be held in China.


Congrats on the already secured top 6, how is Sweden for you so far, what did you do during the few days off you had?

So far the experience has been pretty much the same as other international LANs we’ve attended. The secured top 6 also means we won’t have any matches for a while, so we’ve been practicing these days to maintain our form. We don’t really go out, apart from going to the restaurant as it’s very cold out here.

How much do you think it helped you to actually play in the Minor, does that event had an impact on your current form, do you feel it was an important warm up session for the Major?

Winning the Minor is a huge boost of confidence as that was our first championship title with this roster.

Did you actually expect to defeat Secret or was it something more like we will do our best and see how it goes?

Back in Kiev, Paparazi told to us after winning the Minor that a realistic goal for this Major would be top 6. Now that you achieved that, has the goal changed?

We didn’t think about it too much before playing with them. After all, they are currently the best performing team in the world. We’ve lost to them twice in the grand finals, but we had a 2-1 lead in both BO5 series. So, the mentality going up against them here was that we still stand a chance in a BO3.

Our goal now is to win as many series as possible and earn as much DPC points as we can.

Looking at how the results have been so far in Sweden, who would you say are the favorites to make it to the grand finals?

I think grand finals will feature one Chinese squad and the other grand finalist will be Secret, who will fight all the way back from the lower bracket.

What are your thoughts on this year’s DPC season. Less events, more points in the Majors, did it work out better for the players than the previous season?

The format this year is helping the players to focus on the Majors, while last year there were too many tournaments and everyone got exhausted by the constant travelling.

How do you feel about this no roster lock rule, isn’t  it a bit too risky for the players?

Nothing substantial for the Chinese teams, maybe this new rule will make it more convenient for western teams to change their rosters.

With TI being held in China this year, do you guys feel any kind of extra pressure on performing well in these few DPC events left?

We will bring out our best performance no matter where the tournament is held. Although it’s definitely exciting news for Chinese fans as they will be able to enjoy TI in their home country

I guess every Chinese player and member of the Dota 2 community is extremely happy to have the TI in China this time around, but have you ever dared to dream that TI will come to China a few years back?

I thought TI was always going to be in Settle, but with TI8 being held in Canada, I kind of expected to see a TI held in China.

Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us, good luck in the main event and if you have any shout-outs to make at the end of the interview, please do.

I’d like to thank all VG fans and our sponsors: Hla Jeans, Douyu TV, HyperX and DXRACER for their continued support. We will keep bringing our best performance in the next matches.


PSG.LGD interview from the Stockholm Major:

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