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Team Secret defeated B8 by 2-0 but in the second game B8 played a great mid-game and gained a good lead. Certain decisions in execution and items led to their defeat.

First team fight:

B8 had the Aegis 35 minutes in and decided to push for mid lane barracks, but Secret did a brilliant job in defending and wasted B8’s opportunity of taking the objective while they had the Aegis. Initially, B8 made the right call to retreat as their Ogre Magi died and they didn’t want to take a 4v5 on the high ground, but as Secret were chasing them, they decided to turn and fight. This was a major miscalculation as they thought they could fight Secret without some of their important major ultimates. They lacked damage and only Phantom Lancer was durable. In the video below it is shown that Puck and Phantom Lancer could have escaped as Secret didn’t have vision while their catching spells were also on cooldown.. Even Clockwerk used his available initiation on Leshrac.

Video: Change of Plans

Second team fight:

After that loss, B8 played well and forced a couple of buybacks but then Phantom Lancer died while chasing IO and he had to buyback too. This is when Secret decided to kill Roshan in spite of the enemy’s presence around the Roshan pit. B8 didn’t want to fight 5v5 without Phantom Lancer’s buyback but they had too. B8 lost here because Secret’s heroes were durable and Phantom Lancer couldn’t hit any hero as he was smartly blocked by Secret. See the video below to check how Phantom Lancer was ineffective during the team fight.

Video: Phantom Lancer Blocked


Puck’s purchase of Linken’s Sphere in the mid game was not highly necessary. Secret didn’t have any direct target disable item or ability. That gold could have been used to buy other items such as Scythe of Vyse or Aghanim’s Scepter

On the other hand, Secret made smart choices and bought all utility and support items. Their only damage item was Maelstorm. Their other items were Vladmirs, Pipe, BKB, Lotus Orb, Solar Crest, Glimmer, Assault Cuirass, Veil of Discord and Guardian Greeves. Their decision to counter Phantom Lancer without killing him was remarkable.

Game 2: Picks and Bans
Draft Advantage 47-53

Secret had a great split push and healing draft. Although B8 were successful in stopping the split push, they couldn’t deal more damage through Secret’s healing power and lost the team fights in the end.

Overall, Team Secret showed a good strategy to counter Phantom Lancer and a few execution decisions secured their victory. B8 performed well and after knowing that they can come so close to defeating a top tier team, they can analyse their defeat and play better against other teams.

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