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Day one in The International 2019 group stage is well underway. Upsets have already been drawn as 10 series are already done.

Group A

One of the biggest surprise of the day happened in Group A during the first batch of matches. Team Liquid got defeated 2-0 by Newbee, a team qualified for this year’s International via North America under the Forward Gaming tag. Liquid’s defeat raised the analysts’ eyebrow this morning especially that their next series was to be held against their former teammate Lasse Aukusti “MATUMBAMAN” Urpalainen and his new squad, chaos Esports Club. With a bit of a break between the matches, Liquid took the time to readjust and came back to their computers with a whole different game plan in mind. They crushed Chaos in game one with a carry Leshrac and a close to perfection Aliwi “w33” Omar Templar Assassin in the mid lave versus Matumaman’s Pugna. At the 35-minute mark when the game was completely in Liquid’s hands, w33 did got carried by the excitement and made an unnecessary dive to die for the first time. If that wouldn’t have happened, he would have finished the series without a single death on his name as in game two he got to play his signature Meepo. Master drafter Kuro “KuroKy” Salehi carefully aligned his draft to trap Chaos in the belief that he already picked w33’s hero which theoretically should have been Storm Spirit, Liquid’s fourth pick. However, the Storm was taken safe lane by Miracle while Liquid’s last pick was the w33 Meepo. The game unfolded extremely fast as Chaos had no direct counters to Mepoo and found themselves ripped to pieces by W33 who closed the series with a double Rampage and no deaths.

Group B

In the other group, the biggest surprise came from Fnatic who took down Evil Geniuses 2-0 on the back of a super strong Medusa performance from Azel L. “Abed” Yusop.

Group B featured a few more unexpected results. Although not a full upset, Na’Vi brought today a lot of hope to CIS fans by being the first team to stop the long trail of 2-0 scores on day one. Na’Vi first draw score was registered against the defending Champions, OG who ran over the young Na’Vi squad in game one, but got out powered in the game two team fights by Vladislav “Crystallize” Krystane’s Sven.  

Day one is not over yet, each group having one more round of matches to be played so, stay tuned!

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